Advantages for your employees

  • Option to take the test at the time and using the device of their choice (office, home, PC, tablet, etc).
  • Provision of a confidential diagnosis of personal burnout risk
  • Improved awareness of risk factors
  • Potential for expert support in order to prevent burnout
  • Ability to tackle sources of risk while continuing to work

Advantages for the employer

  • Compliance with Belgian legislation on psychosocial risk prevention
  • Reduction of absenteeism
  • Reduction of costs
  • Complete coverage of the whole company
  • At-risk individuals receive support without compromising personal anonymity
  • Precise identification of the sources of risk throughout the organisation
  • Breakdown of risks into categories relevant to your organisational structure
  • Improvement of risk prevention policy in line with the real risks
  • Regular monitoring of the impact of risk prevention policies 
  • Establishment of a plan for ongoing improvement of the conditions and organisation of work
  • Improvement of your image as a socially responsible and “human” company
  • Retention and recruitment of talent
  • The quality of customer service is maintained using measures which ensure the performance of key individuals