For coaches

Benefits for your customers

  • Provision of a new tool to prevent burnout within their structure
  • Establishment of an effective prevention policy jointly enjoyed by managers and employees
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Complementarity between existing services and the PBT offer
  • Specialized and results-oriented support
  • Pragmatism of the approach
  • Increased awareness of individual sessions as prior identification of the sources of the problem
  • Speed ​​of preventive treatment

Benefits for an HR Service Provider

  • Have a pragmatic and effective tool to complete the HR offer to its customers
  • Develop new services around individual preventive care
  • Develop new services around counseling on prevention of burnout prevention
  • Have relevant information to create prevention advice adjusted to the reality of the field
  • Differentiate from the competition through the use of an innovative tool
  • Professionalism of your offer based on a reliable and scientifically developed tool
  • Facilitator and lever of individual interviews
  • Diagnosis prior to the start of sessions
  • Rapid and automatic identification of the diagnosis
  • Prerequisite training allowing an increased understanding of the sources of burnout
  • Rich and dense questionnaire to microscopically dig into all the factors leading to the risk of burnout
  • Providing valuable reporting to base its accompanying work
  • Using a computer platform that stores sessions and diagnostics
  • Multilingualism of the tool