Two questionnaires tailored to different situations

There are two versions of the PBT. The first – standard – is aimed at businesses. The second – premium – is aimed at professionals in the field of individual support.

Standard PBT questionnaire

The standard « Preventing Burnout Test » is used in businesses and designed to identify at-risk individuals in order to offer them preventative support. It consists of 100 to 150 questions, depending on the nature of the organisation. This questionnaire is completed by employees or civil servants working for the organisation. The questionnaire is completed in private and in a setting chosen by each individual, on their work computer, their own home computer, or a tablet or smartphone. The format of the PBT questionnaire is totally “responsive”.

Premium PBT questionnaire

The Premium « Preventing Burnout Test » is aimed at human resources professionals working in the field of burnout. It is designed both for specialists: coaches, psychotherapists and experts; and companies working in the fields of career guidance, selection, recruitment or supporting psychosocially at-risk individuals. It enables these experts to conduct a session with individuals and gain an in-depth insight into their level of risk and, most importantly, the sources of this risk, working face-to-face with the individuals themselves. In such settings, PBT Premium is a valuable tool for providing direct support to people facing difficulties. As well as diagnosing and clarifying the factors at the root of the issue, the report provided by PBT Premium delivers an extensive series of written recommendations designed to help the expert find practical solutions to the problems identified. The PBT Premium is longer and more detailed than the PBT Standard used in companies and contains between 450 – 600 questions.