Individual support leading to a reduction in the risk of burnout: An efficient and accessible service

Our certified PBT coaches

How it works

The PBT makes it possible to identify at-risk individuals within an organisation at an early stage, using a dynamic and confidential questionnaire offered to all employees. If an individual is diagnosed as “high risk”, they can contact our network of experts.

These experts take responsibility for the person and work to gradually reduce their risk through one-to-one sessions specially designed to prevent burnout. The results of the questionnaire, communicated via the individual report, serve as a basis for analysing the sources of the problem, and enable the individual to gradually identify paths towards a calmer state of mind, aware of solutions and the potential for improvement.

This approach has a fundamental advantage: the individual develops their stress management skills while continuing at work, avoiding full-blown burnout and prolonged absence.

The experts

Who are the experts providing this essential burnout prevention support? We have established a network of specialists meeting stringent selection criteria:

  • Training
  • Experience
  • Specialism in burnout prevention
  • Compulsory PBT certification

The network includes not only individuals, but also companies specialising in individual coaching.

All experts belonging to the network must successfully complete PBT training and become “PBT certified partners”.

Geographical coverage

Our network currently covers the major towns and cities of Belgium and Luxembourg. It is vital to ensure the proximity and quality of one-to-one session locations to ensure at-risk individuals feel at ease with the appropriate expert from the outset. Sessions are carried out in Dutch, French or English.