Unlike PBT Premium, PBT Enterprise is not intended for coaches, psychologists or psychotherapists.

Rather, it is intended to help companies to draw up their action plan on welfare prevention (via an institutional report containing the collective and anonymous results of the test) and to identify early on workers who show initial signs. burnout (via an individual and confidential report) in order to redirect them to internal (ie, trusted) or external resources (EAP service, coaches or psychologists) at the company. In other words, the PBT Enterprise aims to make primary prevention (ie, improve the working conditions of all workers in order to reduce the occurrence of burnout in the workplace). corporate) and secondary (ie, early identification of higher-risk workers) burnout while premium PBT is aimed at secondary prevention (ie, caring for first signs of burnout) and tertiary (ie, caring for someone who has been burnout and wants to return to work).

The PBT Premium is therefore a complementary tool to the PBT Enterprise which aims to identify more precisely and in depth the stressors and resources of a person in order to better support it.